Apartment Remodeling Contacts


Aug 31, 2007

Anybody know anyone good with Kitchens, Livings, Windows (Metal-Wood) and Remodeling who can help me update the hopelessly ugly parts of my apartment, please let me know! Thank you :D Chris
I have a great contractor.......he just remodeled my shop. I don't think he speaks much english though, how's your spanish?
David- Wow, that was lighting fast... Thanks! I will call your contractor for sure. I've lived here since Feb' 02, and my Spanish is horribly, often unintelligibly fluent. What kind of shop do you have in Urquiza? Your area is growing big-time, I hear.
Yes, Villa Urquiza is growing lightning fast.......my shop is www.candylandshop.com.ar
I will be opening in the within the next 2 months. Let me give the contractor a heads up and then I will pass you his #. His name is Federico.
This thread is timely!
I need someone to put in a bathroom where there wasn't one before (ie. they will need to pull pipes). Anyone know someone they could recommend?

And I need an electrician.

The place is in Palermo.

Hi David, do you have a good gestor for habilitacion that you can put me in contact with? Apparently no one wants to do the job anymore and I've contacted several in the last 4 months without luck.
Hi Celia, yes, I used a gestora de habilitaciones. I assume that you are fluent in spanish because I don't think she speaks much english. I can give you her number once I give her a heads up.
Thanks, I'd really appreciate it! Yes, I do spak spanish....I have a question or two about the habilitacion nightmare, will send you a pm...
Hi everyone, my boyfriend does all kind of remodeling jobs. If you need anything done just PM me, he will be happy to take a look and give you an estimate. In case you do not speak Spanish I am of course happy to translate. Needless to say that he does not overcharge foreigners like some others.