Apartment vs Hotel


Oct 21, 2007
Hi All,I will be in Argentina, August 20. I don't know if i should rent an apartment for a week online instead of a hotel. I prefer the apartment, because it just seem more relaxing. I am so confused. I can't make up a decision. I was looking at apartments on bytArgentina. That would mean, me renting it online before seeing it. Any suggestions?
It´s just a week
My experience is that you can scout properties with Byt.
I am staying for about 2 months. I thought my first week I would stay in apartment in Recoleta. I wasn't sure between the positive and negative on renting apartments online. I hear sometimes things don't work, place is not like the photograph, etc... I am so procrastinating on this decision. Thanks for your advice!
So rent a week and negociate with the owner another 2 months if you like it. If you don´t like it you have about a week to look for something else
tankgirl, I am with Lee on this one. Apartment trumps a hotel in terms of living on your own. Secure lodging for one week before departing your country of origin and then if you are happy with it when you get here... great..if not..you are not tied down to it for 2 months. You will explore the city anyways when you get here, throw in an alternative apartment hunt while you are at it. ;-)
Good Luck!
I know how creative they could get with the photos. I worked for Orbitz and I am graphic designer, so I am a skeptic. I still haven't booked an apartment, because I am trying to find all the dirt for all of them. I won't use BytArgentina. I am thinking of using reynolds propiedades or waytoba.Then I was considering to book and apartment at hotel alcazar. i think it sounds cute!
still procrastinating what to do, what to rent? ehhh
I just rented an apartment in Recoleta through http://www.4rentargentina.com. And I don't like it. I think it's sketchy... when i came in a boy who carried my luggage through this weird elevator and this young girl did the transaction. Both not too friendly and not professional. They also asked me to see my passport number, which i thought it was weird. The area looks nice and the pictures are like the photos - the dirty part. I don't know what to do...You think it's safe for me to leave my stuff laying here. I just dont feel secured enough leaving my stuff. Any suggestions..I will take my stuff with me when i leave.