Hi everyone, I have a made friends with a local couple who own an apt located on Rivadavia 4300. It is a "3 ambiente" - 2 bedrooms, 1 room with a king size bed and another with 2 twin beds. Nothing fancy but very confortable for commuting.They would like to rent it for $ 750 priced dollars. If interested you can shoot them an e-mail at Cheers! Kat-


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I love these posts. They simply confirm my point that people here are greedy. Why would a "foreigner" in Brussels or Rome have to "wait in the wings" to get a deal on a place? Simply because he/she is a foreigner? Absurd. Only Argentina....the land of screwing over foreigners AND they will never learn because they see a dollar and their heads start spinning. Most of them would kill their own Mother for 100 pesos. No values, no scruples, no morals, etc. As for the previous post, $US 750 for an apartment on Rivadavia?! C'mon lets get real.On one hand, I feel very fortunate that I bought my place in 2003. On the other hand, I wish I never came here in the first place. I am so tired of these thieves all the while smiling politely as they have their hands in your pockets.


Quoting "rmartinbuenosaires": ". . . . On one hand, I feel very fortunate that I bought my place in 2003. On the other hand, I wish I never came here in the first place. . . ."
Forgive my abruptness, for I'm not critical, only curious: but, if you're very unhappy here and have property which could be sold at a good profit, why not simply sell and move? And, if you were to move, would it be back to the States (or elsewhere) or into the Argentine provinces?


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RWS:You are not being abrupt. You can ask whatever you want. You just may not get an answer.Truthfully, I admit I tend to "dramatize" things on occasion. Yes I could move elsewhere and make a nice profit on my sale. But there are factors to consider and I am well aware that the "grass is always greener on the other side". My "excuses" for not moving would be that I did bring pets down with me and I am not putting them through that ordeal again. Also, I do not want to deal with customs and shipping all of my belongings back to the U.S. I do not like driving so that is one plus about BA, especially with the surge in gas prices worldwide. I can make excuses all day and I suppose ultimately I am just too lazy to deal with the whole situation again in reverse. So here I am for good and bad. I have/do/will consider moving outside BA to perhaps San Isidro or even farther north to Rosario at some point or even Uruguay but I think Uruguay has similar issues so that really wouldn't resolve anything. The best mini-solution to me is an occasional trip to the U.S., for shopping for those items you cannot get here, seeing family and friends and restoring a small bit of sanity, albeit temporary. Hope that answers your question(s).


Hi! I am sorry to bother you, I 've seen your post looking for an apartment. I don't know if you have already found something. I am travelling for several months and I am leaving my Palermo Apartment. It is very well located (one blovk from subte D and all bus stops). As I will be abroad I am lloking for someone who might stay a while, I am just interested in covering expenses so I am open to discuss a very convenient fee (argentine price).
Let me know if you would be interested in receiving some pictures or visiting the place. My emal:


hi, people, I'm a local, and I'm really ready to help you with your question any time I can, I've been trip adviser for years in Lonely Planet forum.
as far it seems that it's not forbidden to talk about my property, I'll tell you also that I'm owner of a flat located in Monserrat (also called Congreso, and some parts taken as San Telmo). I use to define it as cozy, stylish and budget. At this time it has not internet connection, because I received just travellers not people working, if I had a guest who really needed it, I'd add the connection.
oh well, you can see it here
price is 570 dollars a month, with a refundable deposit as warranty, acording to the stay.
and I have it also in ByT agency, I saw you mentioned. To have an idea why is better to contact directly the owner, I put here the link to my flat in ByT, you'll see the prices are higher and still have to pay fees...
another difference is that I love my city, my flat, and really want people to enjoy their stay, and guests realize of that :)
And please, if talking about this is forbidden, moderator, please erase it. You'll find my ads in craigslist.


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I am moving to BA from Ireland for a year in 3 weeks.
I need to find an apartment a.s.a.p for no more than 500 dollars a month, has anyone any ideas?????


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Please visit
Cozy and bright studio in the heart of Barrio Norte, Palermo. Only one block away from Cordoba Avenue, in an area full of restaurants, shops. Also three blocks from subway line B station Carlos Gardel and three blocks aways from the beautiful Abasto Shopping Mall. This flat features a bedroom area with a comfortable queen size bed, bedside table and TV with cable. Next to it a nice and sunny balcony with plants. In the dining area there is a table for 4 and a trundle bed with cushions to use as sofa (fouton - double bed). The kitchen is fully equipped and features a breakfast table.
There is also a complete bathroom. The apartment features a cellphone that works with pre paid cards and high speed Internet access. The modern building features a swimming pool for the summer season, solarium, 24 hs security guard and a laundry.

Air Conditioner/Aire Acondicionado
High Speed Internet/Internet
Cable TV/ TV por Cable
Coffee Maker/Cafetera
Toaster/ Tostadora
Kitchen Utensils/Elementos de Cocina
Wooden Floors/Pisos de Madera
Cleaning Service/Servicio de Limpieza
Queen Bed/Cama Matrimonial
Sofa Bed/Sofa Cama
Swimming Pool/Pileta de Natación
24 hs security

See more at:


The following site has many apartments for rent. don't know anything about the people who operate this business, but at least it's possible to get a general idea of what's available for rent by the month in a number of neighborhoods. Overall, the rates seem reasonable to me.