Apple serious computer help? just an update since some folks left the country


Hi there folks, just got back in the country and I wanted to ask for an update on folks who do Apple computer repair. A couple of years ago I contacted McDaddy but I was told most folks were out of the country. I contacted a nice Aussie but he would charge 5000 just to come and see the device....we r not all that wealthy. I live in Barrio Ingles and plenty of new Apple care stores popped but none that I know of and most are less than a couple of years old. Thank y’all in advance!


Hi, last year I had my MacBook Pro repaired at SalvaTuMac in Colegiales. They were super friendly and professional and came across as very honest, which hasn't been my experience at the other Apple places in town. The owner told me that they do the repairs for many of the larger apple retailers in Buenos Aires. In my case they didn't have a part so temporarily repaired it putting the damaged cable back together and offered to either import the piece (the shipping was quite spendy) or send me a link to buy it on iFixit and bring it myself at a later date and install it at no extra cost.