Argentina for Gay Expats


Jul 14, 2008
I'm an English guy and I'm thinking of going to live in Buenos Aires.
I wonder if anyone can let me know what Buenos Aires is like for gay expats? From what I've read it's a very cosmopolitan city. But what's it like to live there as a gay person?
Thanks in advance
Hi everyone,
I am a gay European guy, 38, moving to Buenos Aires next month. I'd like to get in touch with gay people, expats or not, to start making a circle of friends.
Many thanks!
My wife and I have been talking about having different group theme weeks in Bariloche. Perhaps you guys might be interested in visiting down the road?
Look out for the Tango Queer events, they occur regularly. also you will find many gay friendly milongas. It is not uncommon to see men dancing together in the regular events, and there are two guys (well thought of ) who are usually to be seen at Maipu 444 on a Wednesday and at Salon Dandi.
Hi Everyone,
I received a number of private posts, in which the senders said that BA isn't a great place for gay people. I'm confused since BA is being labelled as the new gay capital of South America. Is this just a marketing ploy?
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to live in a place that's exclusively gay. But I want to live in a place where gay people are accepted, and where there's a good social scene for gay people.
I'd be interested in hearing other comments. Part of me is thinking now that perhaps Uruguay would be a better option.
Buenos Aires is a tolerant city for gay people with lots of options for meeting men for rendevous . It does not have a clear defined gay area but the people are openminded to gays or tranvestites.
The argentine men are seriously cute when young but turn to pot at 40 unfortunately
I'm not gay or a man so take advice for what it's worth ;) but some of my dear friends in Bs As are.
Their experiences have been mixed. Yes, it is a gay-tolerant city but its not a NYC or San Fran. You need to keep that in mind, there is still a lot of homophobia out there. And anywhere outside of Cap Fed, you need to careful. Definitely not as common/accepted outside of Bs As. It's a tough city to date in - lots of hookups, few quality relationships (at least according to my friends - portenos & expats).
All that being said - it's a wonderful place & if you come, I am sure you will have an amazing time.
Not sure what you are looking for. Buenos Aires has many gay venues, and there are obviously lots of gay people here, both foreign and native born. I don't see guys walking around arm in arm or any same-sex public affection on the streets, but of course, kissing is universal and the nice thing is you can kiss your friends, straight, gay, male or female without anyone blinking an eye (that is on the cheek). Will you be accepted here if you are gay? How "accepted" would you be if you are openly gay in NY, SF, London or any other large city? There are people who will be fine with it and people who will have problems, just like anywhere else. I think if you are a gay man who has lived anywhere, you have learned how to be discreet when need be, and you know how to find your own kind (I am gay by the way). My response to your question would be that you won't have any problems as long as you act intelligently, are discreet, and don't expect some kind of gay paradise, because I don't think any exist (I live in SF by the way, and it is by no means gay paradise).There are many sites where you can get information on gay venues in Buenos Aires. Just do a search for Gay Buenos Aires. I think you'll have a good time here.