Argentina Or Venezuela


It finally happened! Went to 2 locations of Carrafour this morning to purchase a whole chicken and some toilet paper. Both locations were 100% out. I wonder if this is the future here?


Probably not yet. Take a look at the calendar Friday was the last work day of the month and Argentines always stock up on groceries and dry goods the first couple days of the month, especially if they fall on a weekend.The shelves might have been empty of TP and pollo, but that doesn't mean that Carrefour doesn't have new supplies on the way (that will arrive today or tomorrow).

If there was any kind of sale on these items during the weekend, they probably wouldn't want to restock until after the sale, especially given the fact that they don't issue "rain checks" on items that are on sale but are out of stock at any given location.

It is also possible that once the supplies ran "noticeably" low, the "to hell with the other guy" mentality (aka hoarding) kicked in and folks bought even more than usual...until the shelves/bins were bare.

I was at a Coperativa Obrera store this morning and Walmart this afternoon. TP and pollo weren't on my shopping list but I noticed there was a plentiful supply in both stores. At 3:30 pm today Walmart was almost deserted.


We have that feeling the 1st and 15th of every month during the summer. The tourists come and stock up for their 15 day stay. The locals know better than to go shopping those days. Really we love the tourists and their money (that's what we all live from in the end), but when March comes around we all breath a sigh of relief.


Everyone was out of cilantro today... usually 3 or 4 places around here that have it. I guess I shouldn't complain as most of you aren't used to finding it anywhere anyway....