Argentina targets huge expansion of renewable energy by 2030

that all sounds good on paper. but until the government gets its shit together, and the economy has some semblance of stability and can have access to financing, that's all this will be - a paper plan
At least something they can use as a reminder if/when money comes in from vaca muerta. To remind anyone in the future that surpluses should go towards what was in this 2023 plan as a long term goal. True energy independence while also exporting more excess gas each year. ...if there are enough optimistic politicians to believe in long term plans.
Argentina will always be the country with the Brightest Potential....Someone said
There's a broader perspective here:

From the oil and shale oil prices they quote, the Dead Cow could be looking forward to a long and profitable afterlife.

I don't think it's going to be a major problem to find investors for big energy projects, even unstable economies need energy, and (depending on the regulatory setup), but Chile and Peru are energy-poor and need to import oil and gas. what would be really interesting would be if solar energy subsidies could be offered for individual households. That would require a bit more from the government in the way of structure and regulation.