Argentina tierrra de amor y venganza


Feb 27, 2009
Anyone else watching this? I started watching it to improve my Spanish and it is quite entertaining. Great production values, storylines and music. It's on Monday through Friday at 9:30, but if you want to watch it from the first episode, go to youtube:
I have been improving my castellano watching El Marginal- and learning some very interesting new words, too.
I've been meaning to make a post about good youtube channels for learning Spanish. Movies and TV shows are good, especially if they're from Argentina. When I started learning Spanish here, I watched Los Simuladores and Hombre de tu Vida (very cheesy but good for learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, as it takes place there).

But these days, you have youtube vloggers (video bloggers), which in some ways is better than Movies or TV shows because it's closer to reality. One I've been watching is "Pablo Viajero", which is a guy from Santa Fe province who rides his motorcycle around all of Argentina, talks to people, and shows interesting places around the country. Here's the channel:

If you watch his playlist called Vuelta a la Argentina en Gilera, you'll get about 230 videos over 3 years worth of traveling to tons of interesting places in every province of Argentina. The quality of the video (and audio) gets better over the 3-year journey. It's been very helpful to me. And it has the side effect of making me want to get a motorcycle to ride around Argentina.

Here's an example about visiting the Menonite (menonita) colony in Argentina:
Radio/TV Española produces drama series with a variety of storylines. Most of them can be streamed in ARG at no cost to the viewer.
I've been watching it even while travelling throughout Europe on EL TRECE app.