Argentina's performance in Soccer world cup.


Jun 16, 2006
Do you think Argentinian Soccer team has the potential to be world champions.
nope, unless every other team allows riquelme to wander around the pitch without tackling him. stop riquelme and you stop argentina, despite the fact they have some other great creative players (messi, tevez, saviola). Yesterday you saw a superlative performance, probably one of the best team performances in world cup history but there's no way another team will just bend over and take it like S&M.; Put a man on riquelme to annoy him, stamp on his toes and otherwise kick him all over the park and argentina's creativity will be put in check and the rest of the team will be starved of service. Riquelme took Villareal to the semis of the champions league almost single handed and then arsenal simply squeezed him out of the game in both legs. he didn't get enough of the ball and then due to the pressure, missed a last minute penalty. trust me, riquelme will go missing in the big games because he'll be marked out of the game (by fair means or foul) and argentina will go crashing out of the tournament. And then england might finally bother to turn up (not that bunch of imposters we've seen so far) and beat brazil in the final.

Potential champions: brazil, england, italy and argentina (if no one stops riquelme)
Spain looked good but will implode as per usual and holland are too young and inexperienced.

Rooney will win it for england.