Argentine beef


I have been reading everybody's comments about the merits (or lack thereof) of Argentine beef. (also,,,is it Argentine or Argentinian?) So, I got into a conversation with some Argie friends telling them what I had read, i.e. that the majority of the beef is exported and that most of it is no longer grass fed. OMG!! You would have thought I started WWIII!!! They say that is absolutely false and bla, bla, bla. Can anyone "steer" me to some data and/or articles on this?


Harleygirl said:
is it Argentine or Argentinian?
You were right in calling it Argentine. I hear/read Argentinean everywhere, but Argentine is proper.

About the beef and where it comes from (or the diet)... I have no idea. Sorry, not much help! :) However, I'm pretty sure the beef cuts that I've purchased here have all had "Industria de Argentina" printed on the packaging.