Art house theaters in Buenos Aires


I was wondering where I can find art house theaters that play independent, foreign, or lesser known movies (in English - or with English subtitles - etc) in or around Buenos Aires. I will arrive on March 5th - and plan on living in Recoleta (near Vicente Lopez Street)
Is there a large filmmaker community in Buenos Aires? I know there is a film festival coming up in April (I think) it worth going to? Are there any American productions that play? I hear Coppola is filming his new flick in BA...


Brunette: Together with some friends we created a yahoo group,
called the BA Independant Film Club
so that those interested in independant
cinema located geographically (or spiritually) in Buenos Aires can
meet, share info on films, go catch some once in a while... and
generally take advantage of the many indep. cinematographic
opportunities available.
(not all necessarily in english- ... but usfeul links to Cultural institutes that show indep. cinema titles are provided) etc...