asia vs latin america?


May 15, 2009
hola-i'm an american expat retiree(viet nam vet) of italian decent who is currently living in northern thailand. i haven't lived in the States for 20 yrs. i have lived in bali, italy and costa rica in the past. i've just about had enough of asia and thought of giving BA a visit for awhile. i speak fluent italspanglish so the language doesn't concern me. "i know it's difficult to put a number on anything" but it seems a quiet, once party animal(no more), can live in BA for $2,000 per month. the inflation thing in argentina causes me concern. even though BA in a huge city it sounds that i would like it. i'm originally from new york so big cities don't intimidate me. i hear about recoleta, paleremo, san telmo, etc. and they sound like the east side or upper westside of new york. upwardly mobile 30 somethings very status conscience party animals. nothing wrong with that, i did it once. but, that is what i'm trying to avoid. so, my question is, 'what neighborhood is best suited for me to sart looking for an apartment that's still centrally located'? the first thing i will do is buy a motorbike so i will have transportation. i've read about the drivers in BA- . U AIN'T SEEN NOTHING TILL YOU DRIVE HERE! thanks for listening and any comments will be appreciated. bapak
I've only been in BsAs for a month so I'm no expert on neighborhoods, but what I am doing is living one month in several different neighborhoods. Compared to Thailand, it's more time consuming to find an apartment - since you have to make an appointment to see the apartment with the owner, in contrast to just going to some big service apartment like Hillside III. Also many apartments are facing a busy street with very loud buses - so if street noise bothers you it will take more time.

Apartments, food and most other things are more expensive than Thailand. Cheese, chocolate and wine is much cheaper here. Those were the three things I would cravings for when I was in Thailand or especially Laos were they were hard to come by. I only lasted five months in SE Asia - hated the heat.
Hey Bapak,
You seem like the kind of person that could live anywhere!! Great positive attitude. I think the perfect spot for you would be in the barrio of Belgrano in an area called "Barrancas de Belgrano." You will be close to everything but have the tranquility desired in living on some lovely tree-lined streets. I think you would be just fine on $2,000/mo in that area. Good Luck!
If you want to compare and contrast brothels between Asian & Latin America, you're going to need a lot of time (and rubbers) if you include Buenos Aires in your study.

I could walk across the street from my apartment to the brothel there or the one about 5 doors around the corner and take pictures if you really want me to. But I'm a little worried about losing my digital camera, so only ask if you're willing to replace my camera.

Just trying to help out.

mr. bonaparte- i don't remember mentioning brothels! this is one reason i'm outta here!(amonst others). name a city that you CAN'T find brothels?:confused: