Australian tourist stabbed in Recoleta neighborhood.


All these places are less than 5 blocks from villas. Unfortunately tourists are unaware of this. Expats living in the city really should know where they are. Villas are very diverse, but as much as you can find immigrants, workers, etc they also host dealers and criminals. There is a villa in Puerto Madero ( Rodrigo Bueno ), Recoleta and Plaza San Martin are right next to Villa 31 and San Telmo is right next to Constitucion ( the most dangerous area in the city along with La Boca - Villa 21-24 ). Villa 31 goes all the way from Retiro to well past Law School UBA on Figueroa Alcorta ( almost until Paso Alcorta mall ). It is known by most locals that the area is not good when empty... my own borther was mugged and robbed right there 30 years ago and left barefoot... Be always aware of your surroundings. This might help
When tourists are at Patio Bullrich or the Four Seasons, I doubt that many of them know there is a huge villa just on the other side of the train tracks. I doubt the government wants to make this information well-known, that many of the best neighborhoods in BA exist directly adjacent to some of the worst.


The villa part near Retiro is the oldest, people are well settled there for decades and it is relatively calm and is being urbanized. The further you get from Retiro, the more dangerous villa 31 gets as the late comers, in general drug addicts ( crack ) settled there a few years ago. This part is called villa 31 bis.


If you don't look "right" and don't look like you belong there, cops will come and ask you a few questions in no time, around Patio Bullrich.

Homeless people can be spotted here and there sleeping at night but are removed in a few days. Only a few are regulars and have been there for years. Beggars at the entrance are always the same. Have even seen one of the small kids grow up to become too old and big for the task.

It's quite safe, and please don't show me the video of the lady who was followed and attacked at her front door on Rodriguez Peñla by motochorros.

Even motochorros stand out in that area.