Automobile Wrecks


Car accidents happen everywhere. Argentina, US, France, Venezuela, China, Brazil, you name it.
I have lived/traveled to several countries and now live in Argentina, and what I can say is, driving here is dangerous as in many other Latin American countries because very few people respect traffic laws, there are not enough traffic signals, etc. etc.
I don't think driving in Argentina is the most dangerous thing in the world, but it's definitely not fun!


Nobody claimed it wasn t Mary. The message is ,since you can t change a reality just by writing messages on a board, you can, or avoid to drive, or drive and adapt to the local way of driving.If you try, you might or might not enjoy it, depending on your personality.

Hangliding is dangerous. Diving is dangerous. Montaineering is dangerous. People die every year for taking risks that will eventually give them pleasure. Were they wrong?

The debate doesnt lie in accident figures, they are speaking by themselves. There are two underlying debates :

- Should the higher risk prevent you from taking the risk to drive, and abandoning the liberty given by a personal vehicule.
- Should we authorise ourselves, as foreigners, to give behaving lessons to Argentines.

I hope this makes things clearer to you.