Average cost for dinner


Sep 22, 2007
I am plannning on taking eight of my husband's relatives out for his birthday which incudes me and my husband. Could someone give me an idea of what the cost per person in AR$pesos would be for wine and perhaps a nice steak. I have picked the restaurant Cerveceria Johann on Av. Libertador. I want to be sure I bring enough pesos to pay the bill.

I understand the restaurant prices and beef have gone up since we visited last May. Thank you to everyone on this Forum for providing such useful information in so many various areas. I consider this Forum a Gem.
Never heard of the place you're going to, but if its a nice place, with good food and nice wine, I'd budget at least 100 a head, then leave yourself some breathing room for extras and service.

I'd take over a thousand to be on the safe side.
I don't know that place, but I would say you should about $75-80 per person and if it's less then better still.

ETA: I agree with JP. :D

Thank you so much for your response. The prices have gotten higher. Now that I know that we will drink WATER......kidding!!!!!!
call me stupid....thanks folks, but why not just call the place you want to go to or see if they have aweb site with the menus and prices.......suerte(stating the bleedin obious springs to mind)

I have a receipt from last year from the restaurant....it is on Av. Libertador 5380. My memory is quite bad but NOT THAT BAD. Howard, the beer in Ireland is okay but since visitng Argentina Malbec is my great love and we had some with dinner tonight....as almost every night.

Unfortuneately they do not have a web site so I would have checked it out in order to view the menu with prices, etc. All restaurants in Argentina do not have this unfortunately. Blackburn try to be kind.
Many restaurants and most all-you-can-eat chains, offer a free meal for the birthday "boy" or "girl". You should inquire just to be sure. The person needs to take some form of photo ID. They even bring out a small cake, candle, and maybe even sidra on the house. And they could even play or sing a Birthday song. (All this provided your group is large enough, but anything over 4, or 5 people works for them.)
Even if the menu doesn't mention this you should ask just in case. (You would need to reserve a table anyway.)