baby stores


i am curious what are the best baby stores in the city. like to purchase a tub, burp cloths, gym play mat, toys, pacifiers...etc.
i have only found one called creciendo in belgrano. know of any others?


Hi! Creciendo is one of the biggest and more complete baby store in the city. You can go online CRECIENDO - Mega Baby Store to check where is the one that suits you the best.
You can also find tubs, gym play mat, toys, pacifiers in big toy stores like "El mundo del juguete" but creciende is focused a Baby Store in itslef


Hi Angie! A few others are Planeta BB - there is one in Belgrano at Av. Cabildo 2555 and in Barrio Norte at Av. Santa Fe 2553 - and Baby Company in Barrio Norte at Av. Santa Fé 2841. Bukito in Once - Av. Corrientes 2699 - also has a lot.

Here's link to all the El mundo del juguete stores in Capital:
|| EL MUNDO DEL JUGUETE · Bebes · Didacticos · Juguetes · Video Juegos · Rodados · Y MAS!

As far as burp cloths go though, I only found individually sold ones here, and it is good to have about 20 :) so my parents brought me a bunch from the US.

Here are a few websites that have lists of baby stores and other info:
Guía Mamis

Hope you are doing well!


thanks so much!
i brought a lot back from the states last month, but there are still some bigger items i need. i will check out the stores this weekend :eek:)


Hello friends.I think you guys are discussing about the best baby store in Buenos Aires.There are some good baby stores out there.I feel that it consumes lot of time like traveling ,parking car,standing in long queues etc.I suggest you to shop online .I bought my Mickey Sun Shop 'n Drive in online from .I hope that you will find all the baby products there.


Hi Angie,

for better prices you can go to Creciendo in Avda Cordoba (in the corner with Gurruchaga), it is the outlet store and you have 20% reduction!