Mar 23, 2010
Hi! I am a medical student currently doing some odd jobs around the city.

I am offering my services as a babysitter! I have had previous experience in the UK with a family who had a 1 / 2 month old baby and 2-3 year old boy. I have also worked in volunteer projects teaching children from 3-15 years old, in Cambodia and Sri lanka.

I have done some paediatrics in Buenos Aires, and could provide a reference of a doctor I worked with. We worked with some very small babies, doing everything from newborn checks to more complicated medicine.

I have also looked after a couple's lovey baby recently in Buenos Aires.

For any more details please feel free to contact me

[email protected]

Hi Anushka,

I have some friends arriving on the 15th for a few days with a very small (4 month old) baby. Would you have availability in the proceeding couple of days. I suspect they will be quite reluctant to leave the baby for more than a couple of hours but worth finding out. I live in Puerto Madero. What do you charge?
HI! It's 20 pesos an hour and I would be free on some evenings and weekends yes. I have no idea when you posted that though. The best is to contact me through email [email protected]