Can anyone recommend a ballet school? Preferably in Recolleta but if necessary I'll take her to other barrios :
My daughter is medium level started on "pointes" last year. It would be a waste to give up now...:(


You could contact Veronica Idigoras 156 615 0605 - She is a former prima ballerina of the Teatro colon ballet and her classes are great (taking time out because of baby). I think the studio is now at Independencia 2000 altura.

Or look at - I don't know about children's classes but you could contact them.

I think I have a ballet mag lying around. If I find it I'll look up the listings and pm you...


I take my daughers to Julio Bocca in Galerias Pacifico Shopping on every Friday, even they just have started on Abril, very goog and cheaper I think if you got cupones (250 pesos for 10 clases).
According to some girls who assist in Julio Bocca, as for Teatro Colon in Libertad the classes are done in other place because of it closed.