Bariloche, San Martin d.l.Andes ,P.Madryn -places to stay


Mar 7, 2008
HI All

four of us are doing a trip in late Nov to Puerto Madryn, Bariloche, El Bolson, and San Martin de los Andes.

Does anyone recommend places to stay (except El bolson, which we already have)?We'll be in P. Madryn 2 nights, San Martin for 3 and Bariloche for 1 or 2.

We are looking for more apartment rentals or cabana rentals instead of hostels. Unfortunately for Bariloche, most apt rentals require 3 nights so we might just end up in a normal hotel or hostel.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

Also, we'll be picking up our rental car in Trelew. Any tips? i found that Alamo Argentina site was fairly cheap but when I tried to rent thru the US site, it said there was no Alamo in Trelew ?! Any sites to recommend for rentals?

Thanks! I'll update with any tips after the trip
Basic 2-3* hotel in bariloche I've stayed at... VG Location, good breakfast, cheap, basic room, good bed, small tv and bathroom. Bathroom has the shower/bath combo where your shower gets everything in the bathroom wet. Kind of place you go with a group of guys and everyone gets a single room. I see room rates are 80p for a single room until dec 21st with a 4/1 dollar/peso rate including breakfast. I would book again, but you can probably just show up and view a room as it will be off season.
Whay don you stay in Pto.Piramides instead of Pto. Madryn? its a much much nicer place.
If you do go to La Nube del Angel, 495070. There this really nice lady rents cosy colourful cabanas in front of the beach. We stayed there 3 nights, 180ars per night for 2. She had different size cabanas, with patio in front and parilla table chairs.
And the view of the bay at sunset is spectacular.