Bariloche ski lease now available

"soulskier" said:
Now availabe???? Why has it not been available previously??? Do you have any idea how long I have waited for this HA? DO you? And what's with the double posting???? A topic of such high importance should have been posted atleast four if not five times in a row, not just twice.

We had to remodel it before it was ready. I double posted because I wasn't sure if it should be under traveling or apartment rentals. Paz y Amor
Despite being a major tourist town, Bariloche is worth a visit for anyone interested in Argentina. Your house (and view) looks good.
Something to add after looking at the google image is that you're on the main Bus route out of downtown Bariloche (good) and that Bus route ends at Hotel Llao Llao, which is also across from the ferry to the islands and also walking distance to the Llao Llao parque or whatever it is. Excellent woodlands for hiking (in summer).
Thanks for the tip Bill. FYI, those trails are pretty much hikeable year round. Suerte!
Updated the site a bit. Currently snowing pretty hard at lake level, winter has arrvied!
It has snowed a lot the past two weeks. Skiing has been great! Suerte!