Hi everyone,

Do any of you get together to play basketball? I use to play a lot back in NY and PR but unfortunately there aren't many places or people that I know down here for that. If anybody has a group that gets together to play even if it's a place where I would have to pay a few bucks let me know. I haven't touched a basketball in almost 2 years but would love to start playing again. If it's somewhere in Capital or GBA-Sur it would be convenient.





I played (although I haven't in a year) for years. The best places to go play basketball are usually at clubs--it's hard to find pick up games. I had been going to club Pedro Echague in Flores. They have an open gym night on Wednesdays a year ago at around 9:30 for an hour or two usually. It's mostly older guys (25 and up, lots of guys older than 30 and some in their forties) so don't expect a super high level. Pedro Echague had two TWO wood courts, unheard of in Capital. It's a small club in Flores, and I think they charge 25 pesos to go for those two hours. Once you go there, you can probably get invited to outdoor tournaments. I got involved in one in Bajo Flores right outside the villa there. It was pretty interesting.

Also, I did play some pick up when I lived in Belgrano in a huge Polideportivo in Colegiales about 10 blocks or so from the train station in Colegiales. I think you can find the polideportivo on google maps. During the summer, people start showing up at around 7 and they will play 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 depending on who is there. It's pretty random as to which days people show up.

You can try a club, but most of the time those are just practices which get guys ready for the tournaments. You can usually practice, but that sort of sucks because there are drills and all that (would just rather play myself). You can't play in the club tournaments because you are a foreigner, unless you have citizenship. They did this because some guys that played in college would come live here for 3 months, help some tiny club get from the B league to the A league, and screw up the club system, then leave (and the club promptly goes back down to B.

Most clubs don't have open gym nights for basketball players, but if they do, ask for when the "veteranos" go and play (the people not on the club team). If you don't say veteranos, the secretary you talk to when you call will have no idea what you are talking about and will tell you to go to a practice, and then you will find yourself sitting in the bleachers watching a practice. Veteranos is the key word here.

Pedro Echague is one of the most recognized clubs in the city as far as basketball goes. It's a tiny little club de barrio, but they have an first division, second, and third division team, the newest court in the capital, and lots of socios. People there are very friendly. I would start there if I were you. Feel free to send me a message if you want more info.


Thanks for the info and tips. I might look this place up. Other people have given me similar info on other courts around the city but I was hoping to find a simpler way. I have an indoor court about 3 blocks away but it only opens on Tuesdays and it's only to teach little kids how to play. No pick up games or anything like that. I think that's just a waste of a good basketball court. Wish it wasn't so complicated to play down here. It was so much simpler in NY with basketball courts all over the city and just go to any and call next!.


There's 2/3 streetball like courts in Club de Amigos (Palermo) that can be used as long schools ain't having classes in it. Saturdays/Sundays about 7 PM you could find some pickup games.
I get in thanks to my Universidad, not sure how much they charge for outsiders (last time I forgot my college ID was $30 about a year ago).


Do you have to be a member to play at the polideportivo? or can you just show up with some friends and pay an entrance fee?

i'm guessing there are no public courts?


On Tuesdays At Club Harrods there will be an open gym starting February 11th. I think that's the date.

It's in Palermo. Nice gym. They are remodeling the inside and currently have a few outside courts. You have to be a member, but it isn't that expensive. I'm hopeful that I can go meet some folks there and find out where there are other runs as well.

Good luck.


Anyone play pickup with the veteranos at Club Harrods? Do you have to become a member or just pay an entrance fee?