Battery recycling?


May 1, 2009
Anyone know of a place to drop off batteries for recycling? I don't know if this is something that the carteneros handle. Does anyone know?
hmm interesting question. I would imagine a hostel would be a good place to try. They often have them. Not sure how they would feel about collecting the batteries of any person walking in off the street? For the love of nature, perhaps they'll be willing??
Thanks for the link to with a list of places that receive batteries for recycling. I will check out the place in Montserrat next week.

The city is handing over the responsibility to the manufacturers to dispose of their used products. See to consult by brand for recycling locations.

I have two old notebooks with batteries that I didn't want to throw out with the garbage. puts the responsibility in the hands of manufacturers of electronics.

COTO is finally selling reusable shopping bags for carrying groceries. But it remains to be seen how many and how soon portenos will use them.