Bernie in 2020

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Constantly ripping apart Arg system from Aerolinea to everything else just because it does not resemble "your system", is not nice.
Especially, if we are all guests here.
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Bernie's campaign raised $18.2M in the first quarter after only 41 days. They are hosting Organizing Kickoff events in every state on April 27, events which will lay the foundation for a grassroots campaign.

Are there other Bernie Sanders supporters here who want to join an organizing kickoff on April 27 in Buenos Aires?
I received an email today from Bernie 2020 asking me to host a kickoff event. I have a small apartment, WIFI, but no large screen to stream the video from Bernie for a group. There are already events scheduled in Bogota, Colombia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but none in Argentina.
I'm in. I can't wait. Send me the address.

Since this is a group of socialists, I assume you'll want someone else to pay for everything.

Guess that means I'm bringing the appetizers!
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@TheDonald -

How can you say that socialism doesn't work when Aerolineas is a far better airline than its peers in South America? It goes to show when there is competent management, government can manage a business superior to the private sector.
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