Bernie in 2020

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Why would anyone cheer for TARP and gazillionaires?
What is in it for you?
I am absolutely sure you do not get a nickel.
It all goes to the executive criminals.
None of them went to jail.
None of them even missed their multi-million Dollar bounces during the fiasco.
None of them would give a damn about you.


And f..... Hilary wanted to give us a 3rd term of f...... Obama.
Are you out of your mind?
Is it any surprise that after 8 years of fu***** Obama that we got Trump?

The black guy with a muslim name guy lied so much during his campaign.
And did nothing for 8 years.
Bush left us with 2 wars,
He left us with 7 wars.
Nobel prize my a--
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It wasn't the content of your reply, it was the shrill, dramatic tone that I found funny.

Here is an excerpt from today's JP Morgan press release:

"JPMorgan Chase will continue to use its capital, people and
expertise to drive great outcomes for our communities. This quarter alone, we
announced two important programs that we believe will make a difference in the
long run – first, a $350 million New Skills at Work commitment focused on
preparing people to succeed in our transformed workplaces and in the changing
global economy."

If you describe a thief as someone who donates $350 million, then the world needs more thieves.
BFD. Chase could prepare their own employees to succeed by paying them more than $17.50/hour.


i'm just saying 0.6% return on investment is pretty poor.

in any case just throwing the 15 billion profit number out is misleading. like the government made a bunch of profit we should be proud of. not really the case.
Many of the banks did not need the TARP injection. They paid the money back before the ink was dry. Others sold shares and repurchased the warrants equally fast. This had a ballooning effect on the return calculation you speak of. On a risk adjusted basis, a concept which I don't expect anyone on this thread to understand, the return was far higher. But anyone in finance can argue with a straight face that the .6% figure is flawed, regardless of what wikipedia or the general press reported.


I am a free market capitalist. As such, I could never in my right mind defend TARP or any type of corporate welfare.
But I find very interesting when other self proclaimed capitalists/conservatives do. In my mind they are just like Bernie, but towards the rich oligarchs.

Keynes vs Hayek
No one defended the capitalist propriety of TARP. It was not capitalist. Given that the US Govt exercised influence over executive compensation, corporate governance and other measures typically internal to a bank, it approached socialism.


I´ll leave this one for you good conscience.

Donating $350 Million after freebie "for nothing" bailout handout of $475 Billion from public coffers to corporate welfare. (Meanwhile, 60% of the American public household can´t afford $1000 emergency fund and 50% of the American public wages below $30,000 and 30 Million Americans still without health coverage even today). That is rich.

Obama did the TARP, and he (and all democrats) are no different from any republican.
He immediately found $475 Billion for failed banks but for decades no one will ever find $30 Billion for single payer Medicare for All. Or $40 Billion for college tuition. Trillion Dollar tax cut for the gazillionaires, is no problem whatsoever, but $30 Billion for public Medicare not in a Million years.
Is it any surprise that after 8 years of fu***** Obama that we got Trump?

If Bernie does not abandon democrats to run as an Independent (to freely unveil the full truth) he will be cheated again and fail again. My prediction.
It was just announced that Bernie is now a millionaire. He has a net worth of over 7 figures. The champion of the downtrodden. LOL. Bernie promises to release his 2018 tax returns shortly. We will see just how much this champion of the people donated to charity. I'll bet anyone it was less than $5K.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has never taken a dime in federal salary. He has donated his presidential compensation to reduction of the US debt.
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