Best air travel site


Jun 20, 2009
What is the best site to check for all possible flights internally in Argentina - basically the expedia equivalent? Is there one people like to use to book their holidays?
Are there really that many airlines in Argentina? I know of Aerolineas Argentina, LAN and Sol. And I suppose you can hop on the domestic leg of an international flight on Gol or Pluna, maybe. If there are other domestic airlines, I'd certainly like to hear about them., by the way, is a pretty good site and always lists a few package specials.
Air Canada sells very cheap seats between Buenos Aires and Santiago, Chile

British Airways sells very cheap seats between Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo

Both flights are stop-overs enroute to Toronto on AC and London on BA
I would just recommend you if you want to book your cheap airline tickets & want to keep your travel budgeted. I will also suggest you don't go on words, just do the booking & see the difference yourself.

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I've just been searching for some flights, and Kayak is coming up with the best prices. Its a better site too.