Best Brand of Cottage Cheese in Buenos Aires


Aug 29, 2006
Can someone please recommend a very good brand of cottage cheese that is available in any local grocery?
Thank you in advance.
The best (and worst, because it´s the ONLY one) is called MENDINET, now owned by Nestle. It´s the same brand as Mendicrim, but to be honest I´m not sure if it is still around. For me it´s a little on the expensive side, being they have had absolutely NO COMPETITION AT ALL, for its roughly 20 years on the market.
Also, forget about small or large curds, you just have to take what they feel like giving you.
This is a mere example of the "diversity" in some areas of the Argentine market: i.e. you´ve got to thank God there is at least ONE KIND of a given item. It really makes you feel greatful when you´re back in the US or Europe, and you can´t believe some things that people actually complain about over there!!
Thank you BAJoe. I had thought the guy at COTO was just kidding, but I guess not. I had gone to Norte, Carrefour and Jumbos (Palermo, Pilar and Escobar) and no luck in any of these places. This is the only "cheese" that I do not have adverse reaction to and now I really have to wait for that US trip to get my paws on some cottage cheese.
And my porteno friends tell me - do not even hunt for the authentic sour cream - it does not exist here the way we know it in the US, and here I was trying to make Carne Asada Burrito with guacamole and sour cream!
Thank you again for taking the time to share your wisdom on this.