Best deal with Internet-Fibertel o Airtel..?


Nov 21, 2008
I am paying currently 109,90 pesos a month for having an Internet connection -1 Mega (Fibertel) I am OK having only 1 Mega and am not intereseted in options from cable TV. I have been quite sastisfied with the service that I ve been using for nearly a year.

Next month, there will be a hike in fares as the 1-year promotion is about to expire.
Speaking with porteños, it seeems it is a local speciality to unsubscribe and check with other companies (Airtel..). One can benefit from a special 6-month promotion 50% off the price that I pay now for 6 months, and again unsubscribe after 1 year. And so forth repeating that game after one year (Fibertel-Airtel-Fibertel......)
Any experience about that practise? Any recommendations are welcomed.
Gracias, Chris
yep, last year when they increased what I was paying up to 270$ ( with cable TV ) I called to unsubscribe, they will start calling you back with other offers to retain you. You just have to hold your breath for a couple of weeks ( they will not shut it off )
I ended up paying 125$