Best WIFI: Arnet or Fibertel?


Basic questions:
What will you do with your internet service?
Simple browsing and email just require the cheapest service available.
If you will stream a lot or are a gamer then you need a better (larger) subscription.

Understand that what is advertised and accepted as SPEED really isn't. It's bandwith.
Speed is how fast you can reach (and receive a reply - a two way trip).

If you have a computer ping your prefered site and write down the numbers.

Bandwith is how many lanes to your road to the internet.
Basic ADSL being the single lane dirt road , cable being a four lane street and Fiber Optics being the speedway.

Speed is always limited (ping response remains the same) but the amount of data going back and forth increases or decreases depending of the bandwith you are paying for.

If you have many wireless devices, the response of the router will depend on its age and technology.
You might want to own your own router behind the ISPs one to manage your own privacy/security.