Best wifi cafes? (esp. in Palermo?)


Aug 13, 2009
I've read the advice here on the forum that almost every cafe has wifi and it's a great place to get on Skype, etc. But today I went into one where the connection was slow, in fact it was poor enough that I could not make internet phone calls. (I use Google voice/Gizmo/Google Talk setup instead of Skype.)

Can anyone recommend places where they had a good internet connection? (and, ideally, where the staff is friendly, too? :) I'm living in Palermo for the moment, a few blocks from Santa Fe & Colonel Diaz, so I´d be especially interested to learn of good places in this area.

Thanks everyone! You're the best! I'm excited to finally be in Buenos Aires!
Thanks, dsc! I have seen that site, in fact -- I was hoping instead for more personal advice and suggestions, if anyone is willing to offer them! (That site doesn´t seem to offer much in the way of reviews, unless I´m missing them.)
Aroma Cafe at Corrientes and Callao is great... I've been going there since last year if I ever want good WIFI. I used to make calls from there all of the time on Skype.

Just take Bulnes to Callao on line D, and walk a few blocks down to Corrientes and Callao. Not far at all. :p
There are 2 that I like not so far from you. They are on Mario Bravo between Cordoba and Tucuman. The one on the corner of Tucuman y Mario Bravo is called Malevo.

I don't recall the name of the other place but it is frequented by the students from Palermo University and I think there is a small theater within the cafe. It is really great for security because everyone has to buzz to get in. I like this place the best because it is so big, very clean. It has a few couches and is fairly quiet.

You might also want to check out Charcas between Colonel Diaz and Plaza Guemes. There are many places along that street.

PM me if you have any more questions.

Hi Hepdoll, there is another Aroma in Santa Fe and Agüero, and a Natural Deli in Laprida between Beruti and Juncal, I recommend both.
I also like Mamaracha on Costa Rica and Armenia. It's got terrific food and decent wifi (I've seen people use Skype on it, and there generally seem to be a good amount of people with computers).
Pizza e spuma on rep.arabe siria y cervino. Nice tables in the sun, good pizza,cheap coffee and wi-fi.
I take it back about Mamaracha. The place is great, but I brought my work and the Wifi was weak at best.
Tienda de Cafe at Scalabrini Ortiz and Juncal is a great place to kick back - good wi-fi connection and very friendly personnel. Osmar is a waiter from Cuba and loves to practice his English - es muy amable!