Bicicletas en BsAs - A donde comprar


Jan 14, 2009
Hey all,

In an attempt to forgo my reliance on a car, I am curious as to locations and price ranges when purchasing a bike here in BA. Clearly, bicycles here are more expensive than say, the us, but what is a fair range for an average 18 speed mountain bike? Has anyone here found a reputable place they would go back to (anyone selling one)? I live in Palermo Soho/Viejo - and there is one shop at the end of my street but like any conscious consumer, I would like to have a few options before committing to such an expense.

BTW - I am not opposed to purchasing a used bike - my only preference, is a mountain bike. Gracias!

you can find a "reasonable" bicycle for anywhere between $300-$600 pesos, new, depending on what features you want...
Dunno how soon you need one, and what your price range is, but if you are looking for a world-class mountain bike and are willing to hold off a few weeks, I am in the process of establishing a distributorship for the Montague line of full-size folding bikes like this one:

After many trials and tribulations with customs, I've finally been able to place my initial order. Pricing will be close to what is offered in the U.S., though a tad higher due to the numerous import duties and high international shipping costs. I will make all details available as soon as they arrive on port.

The initial batch to include all models should be here by late March. Good luck with your search.
I got my mountain bike at Charly A's in Olivos: Av. Libertador 13067 tel: 4792-5084
Nice little place. I think they focus more on mountain bikes but have a nice little selection. Just down the road on the other side of the street (heading into downtown) is TREK - bigger and more expensive models, but larger selection and great quality.