bilingual or english-speaking theatre companies?


I wonder if anyone can help me out. I'm English, studying in London, and I have to do a work placement next summer for about 2 months in a theatre or arts organisation.
I spent some time in Chile last year and visited Argentina but only for a week (Ushuaia), I'd love to do my placement in Buenos Aires but my Spanish is basic conversational and probably not good enough for a work placement.
Does anyone know of any bilingual or english-speaking theatre companies or production companies that I might be able to get in touch with?
I hope someone can help me! I'd be very grateful!


Yes, there are the Suburban Players and there used to be a group that performed at the British Arts Centre on Suipacha in the city. Do a google search for Suburban Players and also why not check with British Council. There are definitely English language amateur performances here.