Boca Game Tickets?

Hi all,

I am in Buenos Aires when Boca play San Martin de Tucuman on 31st May 2009. I was wondering what is the amount one should expect to pay for tickets to the games and what sections to avoid.. Also is it possible to get tickets at the venue on game day. As well what times do Sunday games usually start


We went on saturday. Got tickets outside from touts, seats sold out apparently. Cost 70 pesos for standing, face value of ticket was 37 pesos.

Was good fun, but we got there late and was hard getting installed in a position where we could see stuff. Sun was baking, and wasn't the most dynamic football I've seen. Fans were pretty good but atmosphere wasn't amazing.

When we left the away fans threw bits of wood, plastic and then finally bricks from the terraces at the top at people leaving or standing outside the stadium. Bricks would have killed anyone they hit. Not too nice. Plus standing fans be warned - not uncommon for the away fans to piss on the terraces below. Last time my friends went they narrowly avoided a soaking.