Body Image summit looking for sponsors...again!


Jun 6, 2006
Hi Everyone
I'm part of an international team of volunteers (from organising a series of body image summits all over the world (London today, NYC this weekend, Melbourne, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires). The summits are called "Endangered Species - preserving the female body".
The aim of the summit in Buenos Aires is to encourage positive changes in the way that women are portrayed in the media, fashion, diet industries, etc. Its also being used as a springboard for a campaign to promote the enforcement of the Size Law (ley de talles) - a law which (if actually enforced) would means that stores in Buenos Aires would have to stock a range of standardised sizes from 36 to 50.
Anyone who has every watched Showmatch or tried to buy a pair of jeans in this city will understand that it is a very urgent issue for women. This is also the first event/campaign to focus on "normal size" women.

To the point...
Our summit, due to take place on the 16th at the "Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion" has attracted a variety of speakers, including fashion designer Dorina Vidoni, Celebrity chef Juliana Lopez May and Tini de Beaucourt.
We've also been fortunate enough to receive coverage from the BBC, Pagina 12, CNN en Espanol, etc.

Unfortunately, the organisation has 0 funds and 0 sponsorship here in BA (local companies were unwilling to sponsor a body image summit!).
We've managed pretty well so far but would really like to be able to give our speakers (15 or so) some flowers or other such gift for their time and buena onda and we were wondering if there were any local/expat businesses that would be interested in sponsoring these items.

If anyone is interested, please PM me.

Ashley xx