Bolsonaro takes office :/


Yep. The would be "Hitler of LATAM" that some folks here were hysterical about just a couple of weeks ago cannot even protect his son from being investigated by the judiciary or prevent the press from covering it.
So far we have:

Bolsonaro's son is being EXTENSIVELY investigated for corruption by Brazil's independent judiciary.
The Brazilian government has publicly stated that WILL NOT interfere in Venezuela's internal affairs.
Bolsonaro just backtracked on Brazil leaving the Paris Climate Accords.

As I said before, Brazil is not Argentina or Venezuela. It has working Republican institutions that severely constrain what a president can do. Bolsonaro might be an idiot and an incompetent president, but it is not turning Brazil into a fascist state.
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read it. pretty well researched and very complicated. hard to believe one man had the capacity to benifit without a team in place to continue the corruption. i am crazy with alot of time on my hands. i also read both versions of the ACA. the 1200 page version and the 2200 version. i came away wondering if you can put that much energy into stealing money from the public corporations trying to do business and put that same energy into growing the economy for the benifit of all without handcuffing the institutions that are truly producing and adding to the GPD, what the end would look like.