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"sergio" said:
all over the world there is anti Americanism among "intellectuals". That's true here where extreme leftist attitiudes prevail among academics. At the same time I don't think most Argentines hate Americans. If they really hated the US would they listen to American pop / rock music, eat American fast food, watch American TV shows and films, buy American products, take trips to Disney World, Miami and New York, etc.
There's a distinction between being against the policies and actions of the US government and being against American people and their culture -- a distinction the US government is most eager to blur, and thus the disingenuous conflation by the US political elite of both into "anti-Americanism."


Grazie is the book only in Spanish or has it been translated? I am actually having an easier time reading Spanish than speaking or understanding conversation. Is that unusual? Or am I just dense? lol


My copy is the english translated one. I bought it on my way back to the US;x it is not peculiar at all for you to read spanish better than speaking or writing it. In today's time and age, we are a generation of soundbytes and anytime we do a mental exercise like reading, we enjoy it more and understand it better because of the "time element" that reading gives us that conversing does not allow us to have.
Reading gives you time to savor and ponder what you just learned and it is when the process is complete ( you understand - aha moment!) that you connect that good feeling of communication and you enjoy it rather than the pressures of responding verbally (and hoping to sound coherent and intelligent) - just too much pressure on the latter rather than the former.
My Mexican friend is reading my copy right now but I believe the last time I looked El Ateneo on Cabildo had copies.


Americans visiting or living here are unlikely to be targets of personal attacks. Argentines are not going to attack you just because you're American. What I'm saying here is Argentines hate Americans AS A WHOLE. Most of the time they'll make a distinction between the American people and the American they're talking to. So you have nothing to worry about. I didn't mean to scare you.


The extreme leftist attitude that you speak of prevails among large parts of the Argentine populace. It seems the extreme left-wing academics have many followers.
Yes Anti-americanism is also present in other countries (though not all, mind you). But still, I find Argentines to be much nastier. If you give it a thought, you don't see too many Europeans celebrating terrorism. Here it happens. When it comes to bigotry, some of the locals win hands down. They'll support ANYONE as long as they are against the US. I've never seen people like this in any other country.

The fact that Argentines buy American products, watch American movies, etc has nothing to do with their attitude towards the US. I know some who even LIVED in the US and that doesn't stop them from badmouthing Americans.


I think many people around the world dislike the US because of its foreign policy (during the last 30/40 years). And it has nothing to do with being left or right wing. I can assure you that none of my friends or my acquantainces celebrated 9/11 -where you here during that time-? Who did you or hang out with? I also would like to know your definition of terrorism, because sometimes terrorism ALSO involves an organized state (for example Argentina, Chile, the United States of America, Israel, etc.).