Boring Banking Question: opening and using.


Feb 6, 2009
From what i've read on this forum it can be quite difficult to open up a bank account in Argentina.

I was wondering how most of you access your money.

For example: if i use local atms using my Australian visa card i get hammered in banking fees. I don't want to withdraw large amounts to avoid fees.

I've read that you need certain documents from police stations etc... can you use hotels or short term rentals as a official place of residence?

I've read some people go across to Uruquay to open an account with Banco Republica. And use the Banco Republica ATM in Buenos Aires. They have a branch in Buenos Aires (Esmeralda 111 esq Bme. Mitre) - is it possible to open an account there easily?

And what about banks such as HSBC? Do they do require residency?

Apologies to ask questions that have perhaps already been answered elsewhere.

This one has been done to death, but if you are maintaining an Austrailian Visa card, then I assume you have an account there as well.
If your bank is an international bank like HSBC, then why not simply use the ATMs to access your account.
I draw on my account in the UK (HSBC) and pay no charges.
Not for me, Citibank here STILL charges me to use the Citibank ATM here...