Bringing cash from us…


Aug 2, 2021
The only time I've come close is Brazil, which might be relevant for those of us on here who might do dollar runs while on vacation and the local limits/laws there like I did.

I'm not wealthy (compared to most expats/foreigners on here at least) so what was a lot of money for me was also close to the limit for declaration in Brazil, which is 10K BRL ($1,947 USD at time of writting). You can exceed this amount entering or leaving Brazil, but if you do, you must declare it.

I've never been in a position to have 10K USD in my possession, but given how corrupt AFIP/the police in general are, I'd be wary of declaring 1K let alone $9,999. I'm sure the government would simply declare it a coincidence if an expat or tourist was robbed of said money after declaring it at EZE once leaving the terminal, whether it be at home or in their hotel.