British Products

There seem s to be a high import tax on things from the UK. When I was in Montevideo I saw Colman's mustard the little jar type for 197 pesos uru which is 65 pesos arg. Compare that to a larger jar of Kuehne German mustard which having travelled the same distance only costs 25 pesos arg.
Said lea and perrins in the bottle, it's the coto on cabildo, closest subte is olleros , linea D. It didnt have the orange label, had a cream label but def was lea and perrins and def was worcester sauce. I was trying to explain what it was to my wife.
The Avicar here in Puerto Madero has a few bottles of Lea & Perrins. I don't buy it often, but its a fairly common item in the kioskos around here.
Found this in Jumbo which was a bit odd. They also had mature and red leicester (same brand). Also saw a Spanish wine. Maybe the importation floodgates are about to open? Please God let it be! Weetabix, I need Weetabix.
Bugger. Photo won't attach. It's this:


Found Gordon's Gin at Disco for just 147 ARS. At the duty free in Aeroparque is was sold for 20 USD on the same day! Guess where I bought mine :mad: