Buenos Aires adapts to post-pandemic urban living


I'm a relatively recent arrival here, but it's been disheartening to see the lack of progressive policy around mobility and urbanism in CABA. Most of Palermo SoHo should be pedestrianized, or at least have it's streets narrowed significantly/street parking removed and have pedestrians given 24/7 right of way, with 5km speed limits. Bike lanes should be abundant and evenly paved. There's a lot of work to do here on the mobility front, and most of it isn't particularly capital-intensive.


It has come a long way since we first bought our place here, in 2007- when there were no bike lanes at all. And many more steets have been made pedestrian only, and there has been significant improvement in both the Subte and the MetroBus. But you are right, it can still go a LOT farther towards fewer cars, and a more pedestrian and bike friendly city.