Buenos aires hash house harriers


I wouldn't mind to join one when I'm down, but I have one concern..

What if you don't want to drink?

Am I still welcome or give it a skip?


dsc said:
I wouldn't mind to join one when I'm down, but I have one concern..

What if you don't want to drink?

Am I still welcome or give it a skip?
Not a problem - drinking is not compulsory. Whilst a few beers after a run are welcome to most hashers, nobdoy forces anyone to drink, and in fact, there are numerous highly respected, long-standing hashers, who never touch a drop. The main point of hashshing is to provide some fun, social inter-action, and a point of reference wherever you may be - generally - a source of fun and friends (and silly names!)... You will be made more than welcome....


Jessica - Yes there is an active Hash in Buenos Aires, and you missed the Chilli Hash on Sunday as I missed seeing your message. They hash every two weeks, with a Big Event coming up In November - The 500th BA Hash, up in Entre Rios for a weekend of fun filled hashing.

I'll post the next run when I have details, but this is the latest list - and as soon as I have the details for the 4th Oct Hash, I will post it all.

04-oct-09 496 Place to be define Gus Chao y Helen
18-oct-09 497 Reserva Ecologica Celine - and Support?
31-oct-09 498 Halloween Hash Doon Doon- Bad Fly
15-nov-09 499 Ezeiza FMH - GS
21-nov-09 500 El Palmar - Entre Rios Sharon - Ivor-
22-nov-09 501 El Palmar - Entre Rios Sharon - Ivor-
13-dic-09 502 Zarate - Christmas Hash Pura Espuma- Lautaro - Suck a Duck- Claudete
27-dic-09 503 hares required

All the best - ON ON

Liam (Known as Chick Maggot in Hash Circles)


I am booked up for the 500th hash weekend in Entre Rios.It should be a great event.
Known as Windy Culo Former Beer master of the BA Hash

The hash rule on Beer drinking is, if you are called into the cirle for a Down Down(a beer) Is that you should either drink the beer or wear it (tip it on your head)
This rule is not stricktly enforced so don't worry to much.


i've never done a hash (hashed?) before, but i love running and drinking so it sounds glorious! how does one get involved?!



Hash Instructions
Sunday 3rd October
Hash 497
Hares - virgin Hares - Beanbag and Hanking Spank

Run Site - San Fernando - see instructions in English and Spanish below
Bring: Hash t-shirt, mug

Hash Fee: $15

Time: 11.00 for 11.30

directions in english:

Place: Del Arca and Lujan river, San Fernando.

by car:
take Libertador Avenue towards Tigre, 5 min after San Isidro Cathedral, at 2500 in San Fernando turn right at Lanusse street, until the Tren de la Costa rail tracks, cross over them and turn left in Escalada street just for 200 mts and then turn right at Del Arca street until the Lujan river, when you get there you will see a big parking area beside the river, turn right until the end of the parking lot.
Land Marcs: Marina Nueva train station, Marina del Sol (private marina), Marina del Norte, Captain Cook restaurant.

By train:
From Retiro, take the Mitre line towards Bartolome Mitre station in Olivos, then change to the "Tren de la Costa" just there is Maipu station and get off in Marina Nueva station, cross over the rail tracks and walk north by Escalada street until Del Arca street, turn right until the river. (10 min. walk)

By bus:
60 towards Tigre Hotel.
If you take the one which says BAJO, much better because it is going to go by Libertador Avenue, follow the instructions as if coming by car, if you take the one which says ALTO, get off in J. D. Peron at 2500, next stop after Tigre Soccer Stadium. Turn right at Lanusse and walk along this street and follow the instructions as if coming by car.