Buller Pub and Brewery Recoleta!!! Tomorrow!!


Hey guy come join us Saturday the 21st of July(Tomorrow) at the Buller Brewing Company located a few feet away from the famous Recoleta cemetery and near many clubs and places to go.
  • Time
    • Starting at 11pm
  • Place
    • Buller Brewing Company
    • Presidente R. M. Ortiz 1827 (entre Guido y Av. Quintana)
    • If you dont know where that street is just know that it is near the Village Recoleta theater and the Recoleta Cemetery. Both very well known places.
  • Who's invited?
    • Anyone!! Come have fun meet new people or connect with your friends.
    • No age problems here we are just looking to have fun.
So please join us! Feel free to contact me my name is Mike.
Cell phone: 1564412595 and or by email: mikebahu@gmail.comHope to see you all there!-Mike mikebahu@gmail.com