Burn, Baby Burn!


Jun 6, 2007
This is the title of an article I read on Yahoo a few minutes ago. It basically gives tips for burning calories and it describes which activities give the best (and worst) results in the least amount of time? If you are interested in reading the whole article here is the link ..... http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/health/burn-baby-burn-331732/

As for me, normally not the traditional gal, I am going for the traditional new year resolution.... LOOOOOOOOOSE weight and get in better shape. Historically I did well and reached my goal with a partner. As a recent transplant to Buenos Aires, my "like-minded" friends are left behind in the previous country I was an expat in, so I am reaching out to see if any one is interested in lifting weights, walking and doing whatever that needs to be done to reach the optimal health goal. I am looking to work out during the day so I can be home in time to prepare dinner for my husband. If you are interested in having a work out partner please contact me via this forum or by sending me a private message.
Hi Lilly - I walk every morning usually around 8:30 & would love some company. I usually go for a walk in the park in Palermo but am open to options. If you're interested in company, send me a PM.
Thanks for the reply citygirl; I walk in the Palermo parks area as well and hope that we can get together soon. I sent you a PM with my contact details. I would like to join a a gym for weight lifting ..... any suggestions?