Burritos in Buenos Aires


Jun 10, 2006
I've been craving burritos since I arrived in Buenos Aires two years ago. About two weeks ago I was walking down Lavalle on my way to Puerto Madera and walked by a restaurant called "California Burrito Co." On my way to meet a friend, I couldn't stop in, but I was able to stop-in the other day. I have to say, I had one damn fine burrito. I had their "California Burrito," which comes with your choice of meats, rice, beans, salsas and guacamole, and extras like cheese, lettuce, sour cream, etc. Oh man, deeeeelicious! Sure, I just might be missing burritos so much that my expectations are fairly low, but it felt so good to eat something other than bife de chorizo. I plan on going back next week for a second try, so I'll report back with my finding.Not sure of the exact address, but it's on Lavalle, between San Martin and Reconquista.
Hi: Is this Burrito Place you are recommending open on weekends also?
I also dont have the contact info with me now, but i ate for the first time at the mexican rest. in san telmo. its been there about 2 years and ive walked by many times and never went in. the owner lived in miami for 5 years. he makes some of the food himself. for example, he makes the guacamole and chips (8 pesos, enough for 2 people). he has an extensive collection of music (we were listening to ragtime of all things) and he waited on us himself, but had several staff people in evidence. so all in all, its a good place, run by someone who has an idea of what mexican (or at least mexican food in miami) should taste like.
its on defensa st., right near the corner of chile. has some blinking christmas lights in window. you cant miss it.
I went to the place on defensa st in San Telmo as well but can't remember the name. Something very obvious though since my friend and I both looked at each and said "mexican food!" and rushed in. We didn't have very much but it seemed okay. The red-haired waitress spoke a bit of english and I asked her if the sauce was hot. She said no, but there were hotter sauces if I wanted them. I said "no, I'm tryin to lay off the sauce". jaja.
One of my friends in Recoleta also recommended California Burrito company. It's on Lavalle 441 between Requonqista and San Martin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay downtown. We made the mistake of trying to drive near there yesterday just to see approximately whre it was for a different day as well and to try to get a menu. Well it's on the walking area of the street and it was definately crazy in that area. My friend also said it was fabulous.Supposedly it's a lot like a place I used to eat at in Miami that did texmex style burritos not really a mexican style but excellent.If you want a fabulous place for Mexican, you can try Maria Felix. There's one between Las Canitas and Belgrano that we ate at. Beautiful restaurant, excellent food, very authentic - coming from someone who spent several weeks studying spanish in Merida Mexico and who also used to truck down to Homestead all the time to eat Mexican when I lived in Miami Beach. There's also a Maria Felixa in San Isidro on Dardo Rocha.
Hearing those guys speak Spanish is too funny. That alone is worth the price