Buy a SIM card at Ezeiza?


I left the airport and got a claro sim. At the time you had to bring cahs to a claro location to recharge you're balance. As of a couple months ago the app started letting you pay by credit card without going to the store. This made the process much simpler.

As a side note, both Mt girlfriend and I went to the claro to put money on our accounts before we went back to the states for a couple weeks. I put 500 pesos on mine, which the guy has to do 100 pesos at a time for some reason. Girlfired wants 500 also so the guy starts doing 100 at a time. He gets to 200 and then Hass to make a call to someone, he takes 5 min or so while we stand there. He hangs up and tells us he cannot sell anymore prepaid data for the day. So she's stuck with 200 with is not enough to buy the roaming pack for the states. Argentina is something else.


In case your phone supports eSIM:
Airalo app (which offers data eSIMs for many countries) made their eSIMs available in Argentina.

Pricing is USD$16 for 3Gb for 1 month.


best data plan is available via personal black.

like 4000 pesos a month for unlimitted data in North, Central and South America.