Buying a used car in Buenos Aires

I´m going to buy a new car in BA so I´ll appreciate all the help regarding the steps (legal, registration, etc) and I need to take in order to transfer the title to my name. In addition any additional information regarding which special considerations I have to take to avoid buying a "trucho car" (false title or frame #´s, outstanding transit tiquets, etc) Thanks in advance.
Don't know a damn thing about it really but I do have two cents to add to this discussion. Not saying it is the case or that it is your plan but if you neither have DNI or a citizenship in Argentina then you won't be able to take the car across international boarders.
Depreciation on cars here is amazing. What's even worse is that buyers go with the flow so the system stays in place. But it is a godsend if you are car owner wishing to sell.
I've seen people ask 8,000-10,000 pesos for 15 year old fiats or ladas and then sell them! I remember years ago in the U.S. I couldn't sell a 10 year old Ford Ranger in good condition for more than $800 dollars.


Paul_NL wrote "Buy a new one and sell it for the same price in 2 years. Inflation rules". Yes, you may sell it for the same price, but your money won't be worth the same, will it? Inflation rules.
I bought a 1983 Plymouth Grand Fury for USD 500 in Chicago in 1991, and sold it for the same price when I left. Good car... if one lives in a trailer park!