Buying a used car in Buenos Aires


Mar 14, 2006
I´m going to buy a new car in BA so I´ll appreciate all the help regarding the steps (legal, registration, etc) and I need to take in order to transfer the title to my name. In addition any additional information regarding which special considerations I have to take to avoid buying a "trucho car" (false title or frame #´s, outstanding transit tiquets, etc) Thanks in advance.
Don't know a damn thing about it really but I do have two cents to add to this discussion. Not saying it is the case or that it is your plan but if you neither have DNI or a citizenship in Argentina then you won't be able to take the car across international boarders.
Buy a new one and sell it for the same price in 2 years
Inflation rules
Depreciation on cars here is amazing. What's even worse is that buyers go with the flow so the system stays in place. But it is a godsend if you are car owner wishing to sell.
I've seen people ask 8,000-10,000 pesos for 15 year old fiats or ladas and then sell them! I remember years ago in the U.S. I couldn't sell a 10 year old Ford Ranger in good condition for more than $800 dollars.
Paul_NL wrote "Buy a new one and sell it for the same price in 2 years. Inflation rules". Yes, you may sell it for the same price, but your money won't be worth the same, will it? Inflation rules.
I bought a 1983 Plymouth Grand Fury for USD 500 in Chicago in 1991, and sold it for the same price when I left. Good car... if one lives in a trailer park!