Can anyone lend an extra laptop?


Would anyone be generous enough to lend an extra laptop for a few weeks? I just arrived into BsAs and neglected to bring my laptop. Maybe someone has an extra or old laptop they are not currently using. I am here through Aug. 11 and would be really appreciative if anyone can help. Thanks!


I haven't one and, to boot, am not in Bs.As. at the moment. But I do have a suggestion: locutorios ("calling centers" -- not the sort, though, that you might think of!). Formerly exclusively places where telephoneless folk could go to make calls, most locutorios now have large banks of fast, modern computers with connections to the Internet. Rates are very low (ten months ago, as little as a peso -- just over thirty cents -- an hour), and you needn't worry about the loss or failure of your own or, worse, of another's computer entrusted to you.