Can anyone teach me how to drive a manual transmission? (I'll pay!)


Hi there.
I need to learn how to drive stick-shift (manual transmission) by next Friday because I will be renting a manual car to drive through Argentina and Chile. I am quite experienced driving automatics, but need to spend a few hours with someone teaching me the ins-and-outs of driving stick-shift. If you have a car, perfect! If not, I'd consider renting a car for a day to learn with you (can you sense the desperation?) I can pay whatever we decide is fair. Oh, and I'm located in Palermo, Capital Federal.



Hey Karly, I can teach you as I just drive manuals ever since I learned how to drive. I'm in Abasto (near the mall) and have a relatively open schedule the next week. I don't have a car but if you rent one I will teach you! In any case good luck! -Amanda