can i live in Argentina?

" (GUEST)" said:
I wouldn't get too hung up on doing things the correct way as you would in the UK or US. This is Argentina.
Does this mean one or both of the following:

1) Officialdom doesn't overexert itself on transgression of rules and laws?

2) Paperwork can be circumvented or speeded up by greasing the right palms?

Hi Rob,
I'm an American that has moved here 12 years ago. I did exactly what was mentioned....back and forth to Uruguay...I even did it with a car I imported until I got it "nationalized". Eventually I did the paper work to get my residensy. I have done many things here and I will reccomend to you to avoid investing or working formally here. Try to find an alternative source of income...income from overseas, etc. Here it is just WAY TOO difficult to do things in a "correct" fashion. I had a cafe/deli for 3 years and just closed its doors....happy as can be. In just about EVERY way the system worked against me....since I did everything legal and correct, I was paying any and all profits to the government or city. Just start simple....give classes in english....or find something you can do long distance. Dont over invest in Argentina....nice place, but way to umpredictable!! Also, dont forget to take into account the problem with security here....still kidnapping going on and lots of theft....along with a corrupt government....sounds fun if your Jessie James....



"admin" said:
... resident visa if you will invest 102,000 pesos into your own company ...
Hi admin,I have read the law but in Article 23 there is no information about the amount. From where you will have the information about 102.000 Pesos (arround 33.000 US$) ?? How much would it be as "Rentista" ? I had heared about 500 US$ per Monath as minimum. Is this right ?? bye alex