car insurance in Argentina


Nov 25, 2008
In a few months I will ship my car ( Toyota Landcruiser 4WD 78 serie ) from Australia to Argentina.
Would anybody be able to supply me with an address of an Insurance Company who is willing to insure a foreign car a third party car insurance for 3-6 months with cover in Argentina, Chili and Uruguay.
Many thanks, It will only be a temporarily importation which as I understand, is duty free.
Fadejaap- I know that in June '08 for my 1998 Honda civic to enter the country I would have to pay around $12K. Of course, I'm not here as a tourist. Our pets also had a duty on them also.
fadejeep - Do you have a right hand drive car? If so, it may be worth checking with the authorities if you allowed to import this and drive this in Argentina. When I came from England, I wanted to import a car and received some advice from an import company that I was not permitted to drive a RHD vehicle within Argentina.
Try - i am from UK, living in Argentina and they are the only company i could find who would insure my car with a passport number as opposed to an Argentine DNI.