Carbonated water via siphon


Nov 4, 2008
So, I've read here and there that BA is one of the few places that still has restaurants that serve water with a siphon spout--which makes "agua con gas" as it is poured--and that it is quite good and worth seeking out.

Can anyone recommend some places that serve water this way? If you were to do this yourself, is it as simple as buying a siphon at a grocery store and finding a bottle it fits in? I've seen antique bottles like this at the San Telmo fair, for example, and now I know what they're for!
They still have siphon bottles sold at the supermarket, for example, go to the Carrefour express on Santa Fe & Vidt.

Other than that you will need a CO2 tank or cartridge.

There is a restaurant in San Telmo on EEUU & one down from Defensa that serves water this way.
Virtually any restaurant that doesn't cater solely to tourists has "Sifon de soda".

The old bottles at the San Telmo Market are really cool. I bought one in 2007. Don't expect them to work no matter what they tell you. (Also, sometimes the BLUE or RED is really paint on the inside. Sometimes it's not. Put water in it and you'll find out.)

The grocery stores sell water this way in plastic bottles. I've found that it's not as good as at the restaurants.

They still have delivery of these bottles like milk used to be delivered in the States. Someone one or two floors down from my apartment gets crates of these things delivered to their door. I'd do the service if I entertained more. I still think that it is one of the coolest things about Argentina.
I inhereted a "sparklets soda siphon" you fill it with ordinary water, screw in one of their CO2 capsules, and hey you have a siphon full of soda.
I do not know if I still have it, but if you can find the "sparklets cartridges" anywhere, then I will try and seek it out and bring it over with me in May. This of course depends on my wife not having decluttered it.
We have siphons delivered to our apartment every week. They are plastic though, not glass, so not sure if you're interested. Anyway, the water delivery services save you lugging everything back from the supermarket. At the moment each 1.5L bottle is $1.50 (sigh, when I started the service they were 80 centavos). We just get soda, but you can get flat water as well.